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How to Install Roller Blinds Outside Mount

G’day Aussies! In case, you’re seeking for some appealing and functional window coverings that could level up your Australian home, garage mount roller blinds may simply be the solution that you don’t know you’re already in need of. This shade presents a rather modern and clean design, ensuring not just full control of the light and privacy of your home but also an uplift of your overall interior. 

Step by Step Guide to Install Roller Blinds Outside Mount

Here, we’ll show you the process of roller blinds installation in outside mount by steps- and- step, so you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of these Aussie-favorite window treatment right away.

Step 1. Assessment and Preparation

Before you try out the process, ensure that all the documents and data are in order. Firstly, collect all the necessary tools and material for the task including this handpiece here. Some necessary materials for you are a tape measure, a drill, some screws, and most importantly, your roller blinds. After that, it is advisable you take it further and have precise measurements of your window frame in order to establish the size of the frames that will your use. Your grandma will probably remind you that it’s a you-measure-twice-cut-once rule, which guarantees a great fit every time.

Step 2. Mounting Hardware Installation

Here comes the exciting part: arranging the mounting hardware for the roller blind mounting outside. Starting by installing the hangers on the wall or window frame where the blinds would be positioned would be the best. Having the brackets at right angle and correctly fastening the drill and screws are essential. Sketch and locate the spacing of the brackets on the wall to make sure the braces are well-supported.

Step 3. Attaching Roller Blinds

With the massive screws in, it is the time to bring the roller blinds. Basically, you must insert the blinds into the brackets, ensuring that they are even and straight while being at the center of the window frame. After the the blind is set into place, pull at it slightly allowing it to tighten up and not loosen by skilled hands.

Step 4. Operation and Adjustment

Test the operation of the blinds to ensure they’re functioning smoothly. Pull down on the blinds to make sure they roll up and down without any hiccups. If you encounter any issues, such as uneven rolling or difficulty operating the blinds, you may need to make some adjustments. Check the tension of the blinds and adjust as necessary to ensure they operate smoothly.

Step 5. Final Checks

Before calling it a job well done, take a moment to inspect your handiwork. Check for any gaps between the blinds and the window frame, as these can affect the effectiveness of the blinds in blocking out light and providing privacy. Make any final adjustments to ensure the blinds are properly installed and looking their best.

How to install universal roller shade brackets outside mount?

Universal roller shade bracket for outside mount designed used in this installation process is a super easy task. First of all, put the brackets on to the wall or window frame so they are positioned where you want the roller shade to hang, then ensure they are level and strongly attached. Use the drill to attach the brackets at the right spacing making sure to have enough brackets to provide a sufficient support for the shade. Once the brackets are in their place, merely insert the roller shade into it and fix all parts with available hardware. Make sure the functioning of the shade is checked, the roller blinds mechanism being free and allowing the rollup and down movement to be easy. Add tension if needed. After the brackets are installed, you can now use your roller shade with a peace of mind that the roller and friction will hold properly.

Can roller blinds be fitted outside recess?

You heard me right, roller blinds could be installed outside the frame of your windows, it’s also known as an outside mount. In such cases, a valanced installation is a better option if the window recess is shallow or when one has to emphasize maximizing a light coverage and privacy. One can install roller blinds outside the recess simply by fitting mounting brackets on the full surface of the wall/window frame surrounding the window. Make sure that the brackets are adjusted well and fastened thoroughly, and then tie the roller blind to the brackets based on the instructions from the manufacturer. A sleek and stylish outlook is easily achievable while, at the same time stll benefitting from the functional and stylish features of roller blinds, if the blinds are installed outside the recess.

Can roller blinds be hung outside window frame?

Absolutely! Blinds mounted on the outside can be Outfit tripp installation is done outside the window frame. Such installation is used frequently where the width of the sash is narrowed or to when you may want to hide the details of molding and trim behind the window. Attach the mounting brackets for the blinds, you could either nail these into a wall or window frame or enjoy placing them above the opening of the window. Furthermore, make sure the brackets are even and fixed the number is equal to, and then the blind is attached to the brackets in accordance with the instruction of the manufacturer. Ensuring that your blinds are hung off of the window frame only a little, you have a timeless, white look while still giving optimal light control as well as privacy.


And there you have it, folks – a dinky-di guide to installing outside mount roller blinds in your Aussie home. With a bit of preparation and elbow grease, you can enjoy the benefits of these stylish and practical window treatments in no time. So grab your tools, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to transform your windows with outside mount roller blinds – Aussie style

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