Want to enclose the patio or balcony of your home? Need to create a sheltered outdoor space for customers? Awnings are the way to go!


At Brighter blinds and doors, we know that Australians love spending time outdoors no matter what time of year.


Bistro blinds are also known as cafe blinds. These blinds are normally placed outside the window or door allowing an outdoor space to be converted into an extra room. The main purpose is to protect an area from harsh sunlight and weather elements such as rain and even wind. Other names for bistro blinds are outdoor cafe bistro blinds, clear PVC blinds, outdoor PVC blinds, and patio blinds.


Aluminium shutters have long been a favourite with homeowners around Australia due to their durable nature and stylish appearance. Not only are these shutters suitable for both classic and contemporary style homes, they also have a low-maintenance and incredibly robust design.


Do you want to increase your privacy and reduce the amount of light that spreads through your building? Do you want extra security for your home or business for peace of mind? Fortunately, Brighter blinds and doors has you covered with the best looking and best value roller shutters in Melbourne. You can rely on us to install window roller shutters that not only enhance the value of your property, but also make you feel safer and more comfortable throughout the day.