Pergolas have several uses in outdoor settings and are desired because of their aesthetic appeal and high utility. Offering shade is one of the main reasons pergolas are in demand. However, various factors, including design, materials utilized, and environmental circumstances, affect how much shade a pergola provides and its effectiveness.

It is crucial to select the most appropriate kind of pergola blinds for your application so that you can get the true value for your money. An expert professional in this field can guide you to invest in the right way. Brighter Blinds And Doors has a vast range of outdoor coverage solutions for you.

What are Pergolas?

Outdoor pergolas are made out of vertical posts or pillars that hold up an open lattice and cross beams. Typically, their purpose is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens, patios, or yards while transforming them into a welcoming outdoor area.

How to Determine If a Pergola Provides Good Shade?

The lattice of a pergola or cross-beams makes a unique shadow, which makes it the perfect place for outdoor activities. The property of a pergola to provide shade varies greatly according to several elements, including:


The design of a pergola greatly determines if it is useful as a shade. Naturally, pergolas with a closer lattice or cross-beam spacing provide more shade than those with a wider separation. Furthermore, when and how much shadow the pergola casts depends on its location according to the position of the sun. The greater the distance between the rods, the greater light can pass through them. Also, the shade created would be according to the design.

Canopies or Roofing

Modern pergolas frequently come with options for retractable canopies, fabric sails, or louvered roofs, however, traditional pergolas still feature an open lattice roof. You can select the most appropriate option according to your application requirement and the theme of your setting. It is better to refer to a pergola expert to help you invest in the right choice.


Local climate conditions might also have an impact on how well a pergola provides shade. Pergolas may provide partial shade in regions with strong summer sun. In such climates, you might have to invest in other accessories such as plants or curtains to get full shade. Adding these accessories can lift your space and add another dimension to it. They not only look pleasing to the eyes but also prove to be useful and practical with the pergolas.

Advantages of Pergolas

Prevents From Direct Light

Pergolas regulate moderate outdoor temperatures by avoiding direct sunlight exposure, which results in a suitable setting for social gatherings and leisure. They allow you to have a decent sitting space under a shade protecting you from the direct sunlight that can be uncomfortable at times. If you want to soak the sunlight for some vitamin D, you should opt for a pergola with broader spacing so that more light can pass through it. This type is more suitable for colder climates. The benefits of installing a pergola are numerous, enhancing both comfort and utility in your outdoor space.

UV Protection

A pergola can save you from the harmful effects of UV radiation. It is not safe to sit in direct sunlight because UV radiation has become more harmful over time due to global warming. Therefore, always use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight by using a canopy or pergola that suits your setting. It helps you enjoy the outdoors while reducing the health hazards that come with spending extended amounts of time in the sun.


Pergolas improve the visual appeal of your outdoor space and help to blend in with the natural surroundings, along with high utility. Whether it is the backyard of your house or the rooftop of an office building, it creates a relaxing spot to sit back and relax. In this way, you can be more productive and cheerful throughout the day. 

How to Get the Best Use of Pergolas?

Before you purchase a pergola for your outdoor application, it is important to take the following practical factors into account:

Position and Sun Exposure

Note how much sunlight the pergola will receive each day by deciding the area where it will be installed. This helps in identifying the ideal layout and any additional shading alternatives that are required.

Material Selection

Pick weather-resistant and long-lasting materials for outdoor use. Popular options include aluminum, vinyl, and wood, each of which has unique benefits in terms of longevity, upkeep, and appearance.

At Brighter Blinds And Doors, we have an extensive range of different types, sizes, materials, and designs of pergolas for you to choose from. Our customer care representative can help you select the best one according to your requirements for custom made blinds.


Look into customization choices like retractable canopies or movable louvers to get the most capacity to provide shade. It is important to select the right size and design that goes with the theme of your outdoor setting because it is a one-time investment.

To Wind it Up!

Pergolas are a great option if you want to have shade in your backyard, rooftop, or poolside. However, the design, direction, position and material play a significant part in determining its value. Both homeowners and landscape designers prefer them for their outdoor sitting areas to improve the environment. Pergolas provide shade, visual appeal, and practical utility. They can be used for entertaining guests, dining, or just lounging in the yard.