G’day mates! In case you want to pull off a look with the Aussie flair on your window while at the same time maximize the light control and privacy, you definitely need the double roller blinds. These types of window coverings are quite versatile and will offer you both the advantages of a blockout and sheer blinds, fitted in one stylish package. Through this guide, we will show you how to install double roller blinds step-by-step like a born and bred Australian.

Step By Step Guide to Install Double Roller Blinds

Step 1. Assessment and Preparation

But first to get started with the installation collect your tools and materials. Head out, have a tape measure with you, and ensure that you measure the right size for the window. Dial up that blind spacing once again, putting the blinds side by side with just the right space so they stay as tight as a drum. When all is set do not forget to get at work!

Step 2. Mounting Hardware Installation

Let’s get into filling those out your brackets. Depending on whether you are inside the window frame or mounting on the wall, ensure your brackets are even and steadily attached. This is Measure twice, drill once, we want our brackets to be as solid as a stationary roo. Allow an appropriate spacing between brackets for the perfect function of the blinds whether open or closed.

Step 3. Attaching Roller Blinds

Now you need fit the brackets and we are ready to “hang” you blinds like a professional home remodeler. Identify, first of all, the blind, and put it in place to the brackets being careful to center it and make it level. Thereafter, place the second one in front of the first one, ensuring that their points line up to achieve a perfect and unbroken outlook. Ensure that each blind slides easily from top to bottom – we want them to go smoothly like a surfboard on an optimal wave.

Step 4. Operation and Adjustment

Go through the procedure of running both blinds to check the operation. If everything is okay, then it must be working great. Not noticing any issues with hardness And/Or rolling, try a few adjustments here and there and you will see that everything goes all right. Add some time, so you can adjust the blinds in a way that they will be able to bring you the proper combination of light and privacy.

Step 5. Final Checks

Just before you go to bed, do a final thorough check of your double roller blinds to make sure everything is functioning nicely. If you notice any gaps or inconsistencies between the blinds, and things are not working as they ought to, adjust if necessary. All sorted and you can now look back at your work well done, you’ve fitted downunder roller blinds like true Aussie legends!

How do dual roller blinds work?

The dual roller blinding, also known as the double roller blinds, have a special mechanism that permits the two types of blinds to be put together on one set of brackets. The blinds are normally composed of two separate roller tube structures, one fabric-wrapped for the light blocking and the other used for sheer or light filtering. The mechanism enables you to decide on which blind to lower, whether you want to block out the sun, reduce light adverse in the room or just meet your aesthetics. You just need to pull on one of the hooks or cords that are attached to each blind to change from the blockout blind for complete darkness to sheer blind for diffused light and outside views. Through this smart design you are able to do just that, you can now adjust the light and privacy level with ease of convenience and all in all make your space feel like your own.

How do you fit dual roller blinds?

Precise measurement, securing of supporting brackets, and attention to details are essential while fitting double roller blinds. Take the first step by taking the measurements of the width and height of your window which will give you an idea about the size of the blinds required. After which, choose a box of the blinds that will fit the weight and width of the blinds that you selected. Put the brackets either within the window frame or on the wall, but make sure they are adjusted and securely fastened. Allow enough space between both brackets such that they can be paired with roller blind without any hindrance. Once the brackets are put in place, each roller blind mounts to its proper bracket making sure they are centered and the blocks are aligned up right. Try the movement of the blinds to ucertain that they rise and down flawless without any problems. Through proper fitting and installing, your dual roller blinds will be a reliable dependable and stylish function to your space for the years to come.

Can you put 2 roller blinds together?

Absolutely! You may even combine two roller blinds so as to come up with a simple but elegant and practical look for your windows. Whether you have the need to have the two sorts of window coverings for full light control or just the sole aim of adding both flexibility and privacy to your home, placing your two roller blinds side by side is the best way to go. The order of double brackets and skill of measuring, you can put two roller blinds on one window frame to get the look of blockout and sheer blinds at one integrated solution. It has to mention that this type of window dressing adds visual variety as well as provides you possibility to control sun degrees and privacy level as per your wishes There is no need to wait, find your ideal roller blinds and try any colour – opportunities are endless!


Voilà – there it is! – the handy manual on how to put in your home double roller blinds. Given a little planning and a lot of sweat, you could begin to enjoy all the advantages associated with these useful window coverings very soon. Therefore, pick your tools, absorb the spirit of the Aussie (do-it-yourself) culture, and get ready to transform your windows into a piece of functional and aesthetic art – the double roller blinds. A toast to a job well you’ve done.